Get the lowdown on the jargon here-

To begin with, all of the terminology involved can seem like a minefield and is a daunting prospect for anyone.

Hopefully this quick guide will set out the basics-

Babywearing the act of carrying a baby or child in a sling or carrier

Stretchy wrap a long piece of stretchy fabric which is tied around the body and holds a baby

Woven wrap a long piece of fabric (usually cotton or a blend of cotton and wool/hemp/silk/bamboo/etc) which is tied around the body and holds a child. These come in sizes (size 1 equates to roughly 2.2m, size 2 approx 2.6m, size 3 approx 3.2m, size 4 approx 3.6m, size 5 approx 4.2m, size 6 approx 4.6m, size 7 approx 5.2m. Lengths vary depending on brand and length of tapers)

Tapers the ends of a woven wrap, these can either be blunt (flat) ends so the wrap is the shape of a rectangle, or tapered so that the wrap is the shape of a parallelogram. Taper lengths vary between brands

Ring Sling a piece of woven fabric which has metal rings sewn onto one end. The fabric is looped through the rings which creates a pocket in which a child can sit. It is worn on one shoulder

Soft Structured Carrier (also known as SSC or buckles) any sling which used buckle clips to secure onto the wearer

Mei Tai a sling originating from the Far East with a panel of fabric which has long shoulder straps which tie around the wearer

Rails and Tails rails are the top and bottom edges of a woven wrap, tails are the long ends which you tie around your body

Knee-to-Knee simply refers to the seat of the carrier extending from the baby’s left knee pit to the right knee pit, fully supporting both thighs


There is a full and comprehensive glossary of babywearing terms available on the Babywearing International Website  which is also a great resource

There are also many acronyms used on the selling groups. This list should get you started on the most commonly used ones-

Babywearing Acronyms:

BNIB – Brand New In Box
BNIP – Brand New In Packet
DISO – Desperately In Search Of
EUC – Excellent Used Condition
FS – For Sale
FSO – For Sale Only
FSOT – For Sale or Trade
FT – For Trade
FTO – For Trade Only
HSA – Highly Sought After
HTF – Hard to Find
ISO – In Search Of
MT – Mei Tai
NWT – New With Tags
OOAK – One Of A Kind (i.e. custom made, test run, custom-dyed)
PM – Private Message
PP – PayPal
PPD – Postage Paid Domestic
RS – Ring Sling
SSC – Soft Structured Carrier
STIH – Soft Tape In Hand
VGUC – Very Good Used Condition
WCFB – Wrap Conversion Full Buckle (a soft structured carrier made from a wrap)
WCHB – Wrap Conversion Half Buckle
WCMT – Wrap Conversion Mei Tai
WCRS – Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

BWCC – Back Wrap Cross Carry
CB – Chest Belt
CC – Cradle Carry
CCC – Cradle Cross Carry
CCCB – Candy Cane Chest Belt
DH – Double Hammock
DRS2S – Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder
FCC – Front Cross Carry
FWCC – Front Wrap Cross Carry
HCC – Hip Cross Carry
JBC – Jordan’s Back Carry
PWCC – Pocket Wrap Cross Carry
RR – Reinforced Ruck
RRRR – Reinforced Rear Rebozo Ruck
RTIF – Ruck Tied In Front
RUB – Ruck (tied) Under Bum
SHBC – Secured High Back Carry
TAS – Tied At Shoulder (a variation on the usual knot finish)
TT – Tied Tibetan (a way of securing the wrap without tying a knot)
TUB – Tied Under Bum

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