Welcome to the Isle of Man Sling Meet. We are the sole sling library on the island and have a wide-ranging collection of well over 100 slings and carriers, along with accessories too.

Our trained team help over 40 families a month, and can help you try out various options, or even help you with your own sling. The library is for everyone, not just parents – in the past we have helped grandparents, foster parents, childminders and nannies with children of wide ranging ages and stages of development. Newborns and pregnant families are welcome at all meets. We also keep a particular range of slings to support families affected by hip dysplasia, Down’s Syndrome, prematurity and other more complex needs.

Our meets are held at venues across the island, predominantly on Saturday mornings. We aim to have a café are on hand to provide refreshments and a play area facility too. We are also delighted to be supported by Mary at Ellan Vannin Chiropractic who kindly provides storage space for the library.



We hold one Sling Meet session per month. You can find details of our future dates on the upcoming events page or via our Facebook page – Isle of Man Sling Meet.

Our advice at library sessions is free.

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What happens at a Sling Meet?

A sling library gives you a chance to try before you buy, as a sling that isn’t comfortable for you, or one that your baby does not like, could be an expensive experiment! Some parents find a carrier they love straight away; some may try several different types before settling on one that feels the best. Every parent and child combination is unique and what worked well for your friend, or what you have been advised to try on the internet, may not be the best-fitting choice in real life.

When you arrive at the meet you will be greeted by our friendly team and allocated a volunteer who will assist you. We all have young children of our own and are fully understanding of their changing moods and needs so please don’t worry if you need to pause to change/feed/comfort etc. We do also have weighted demo dolls for practice before you try with your child, to help you build confidence (and in case your child is sleeping!).

We operate an appointment system where you book in advance online to save you waiting with a young child. You can access the calendar via the following link to book:


When you hire a sling from us you will also need to sign up to our hire database MyTurn. This will track your hire, send you reminders and also contains the terms and conditions etc.


We regularly post on our Facebook page here – IOM Sling Meet

And also host a Buy/Sell/Trade group here – Manx Babywearing Chatter

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The Team


milenaHi I’m Milena, mother to three beautiful girls. I discovered my love for babywearing with my oldest who is 14. We used a Tomy carrier for her which was rather uncomfortable, but we loved being close.

I continued on my journey with my middle girl who is now 5 we mainly used a stretchy wrap which I sourced from America as they weren’t widely used here then. Carrying her enable me to continue being a mum to my oldest and care for her as she was highly demanding suffering terribly from silent reflux.

I knew I would carry my youngest girl and have experimented greatly with new carriers wraps etc with her. We have worked though a wrap strike and currently enjoying toddler independence. I feel strongly that babywearing has deepened my bond with my wonderful girls and allowed me to continue with our busy lives with greater ease and enjoyment. I now want to come meet and enable lovely mums and dads to help you on your own journey so you may share the joy and closeness of your precious children.


sling cuddles

Hi, I’m Heather and I started wearing my little girl when she was a few weeks old. I had been suggested a sling by a friend when pregnant and, when faced with a baby with health issues and severe reflux, it turned out to be my saviour. Without carrying I don’t know how I would have made it through those first few months. Looking back, being able to hold my baby close and comfort her made all the difference in coping with the journey we were on.

I then found myself visiting my local sling library (on my second attempt as I was so nervous!) who were absolutely wonderful and helped me choose a meh dai to move on to. With that came new friends and new freedom and confidence too. One meh dai grew to woven wraps, a buckle carrier and a passion for helping others with baby wearing. My little baby is now nearly a preschooler and still loving being carried just as much today as when she was tiny.

I trained as a Peer Supporter with Slingababy and began volunteering at my local sling library. When I then moved to the Isle of Man, the IOMSlingMeet team were so warm and welcoming, its been a joy to continue volunteering here. I’m now about to embark on training as a Sling Consultant and look forward to being able to help even more families in the future on our beautiful island.


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